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How many sexual partners do the Germans have? How often do men and women cheat? And which age group has the most sex? Researchers have asked. The group most sexually active is the 25-29 year-olds.

According to men in Germany, they have already slept with ten partners on average, but women with only five

This is the result of a representative study on sexual behaviour in Germany published in the Deutsches Ärzteblatt. 2524 people aged 14 and over were surveyed by questionnaire. Background of the survey: According to the authors, Germany lacks population-based data on the frequency of different sexual behaviors. However, these are important, especially with regard to the prevention and treatment of sexually transmitted infections. How reliable the data are in detail, however, is questionable. It is difficult to explain why women report so many fewer sexual partners. On average, both sexes should have the same number of sexual partners, at least as long as it is assumed that only one man and one woman are involved in sex. The phenomenon that the ratio is never reflected in surveys is not new. Such discrepancies have already arisen in previous sexual research, write the researchers around the first author Julia from the Technical University of Braunschweig. The reason: the interviewees probably cheated a little when answering, the psychologists say. Arne Dekker from the University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), who was not involved in the study, has a similar explanation: They use it to stage their gender roles, he says. Some men believe that it is attractive and socially recognised to have many sex partners, while the opposite is often the case with women. The only difference in the number of sex partners is that eight percent of the men surveyed have already gone to prostitutes. On average, this group had sexual contact with four prostitutes. If none or too few prostitutes took part in the survey, the proportion of women is smaller than it actually is. The researchers also did not ask whether the participants had sex abroad. In addition to the sexual self-image of the average 48.5-year-old interviewee, the study offers further insights from the beds in the republic. It is hardly surprising that most people have had experiences with vaginal intercourse: 88 percent of men and 89 percent of women have already had such sex. 56 percent of men and 48 percent of women have already had oral sex.

German frequency of sexual practices

The vast majority of men (86 percent) and women (82 percent) stated that they were heterosexual. Five per cent of men and eight per cent of women have had same-sex contacts before. In each case, one percent stated that they were purely homosexual. Some did not provide any information or stated that none of these categories applied. The most sexually active group is 25-29 year olds. At this age, men say they have an average of 60 vaginal intercourse sessions per year (an average of 1.2 per week), women 47 (an average of 0.9 per week). After that, the frequency decreases steadily: Men aged 50 to 59 years have such sex 34 times a year (on average 0.7 times a week), women 22 times (on average 0.4 times a week). And how do the people in Germany hold it with loyalty? Here, too, there are differences between men and women: According to their own figures, about one in five men (21 percent) has ever been unfaithful in a partnership. The proportion of women was 15 percent. More than half of the interviewees (57 percent) had a steady partner. 76 percent never use condoms in their relationship. In about every second woman (51 percent) who is 50 years old or younger, takes the pill or similar oral contraceptives. Five percent do not use contraception because they want to have children.

Unprotected sex outside the relationship is not that common in Germany

The researchers were concerned about a small group of respondents (2.5 per cent): they stated that they had had sexual intercourse with others outside the partnership during their current relationship and had generally already had unprotected sex with other people outside the partnership and that they did not always use condoms in their relationship. For the researchers, people belong to a high-risk group because they are exposed to a higher risk of contracting a sexually transmitted infection such as HIV, gonorrhoea or syphilis. In addition, those persons had three times as many sex partners as the average: men 38, women 17. In general, the authors of the study recommend that those who do not constantly use condoms with changing sexual partners should undergo regular sexual medical examinations. Routine examinations could help to limit the spread of sexually transmitted infections in some groups. For Dekker, this shows the limitations of this study: To be honest, we already knew this beforehand.

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